At Blue Pearl we believe in investing time and other company resources on our teams. Our main goal is to make sure that we achieve unparallel work satisfaction of our team in turn surpassing our overall business goal expectations. We have a performance based system in place, where teams and individuals are evaluated based on job performance, team building and leadership goals. We have a transparent and horizontal hierarchy allowing our teams and members to have detailed discussions with our board. At Blue Pearl we are looking for tech entrepreneurs who have a mix of hardcore coding skills with a blend of business logic. Interested? Check out the following positions and see if any of them suits you.

Technical staff Augmentation

Mobile Technology staff Augmentation

Technology requirements-
– ASP .NET and C# programming
– Crystal reports
– Database: MS SQL server

As part of this job, Developer will be expected to do following task

1) would be responsible for developing and customizing Android apps to suit the product’s functional and UI requirements.

2) Follow industry standards in coding and software engineering to build highly-efficient and optimized android applications.


Skills Required:

1) Should have good working knowledge of Core java & Android SDK.

2) Should have sound understanding of Android architecture & frameworks.

3) Experience on web service integration (SOAP, REST, JSON, XML).

4) Knowledge on Push Notifications, Async Task, and Cloud to Device Messaging.

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