LabAssist – Managing Patient Lab Reports was never this Simple!

LabAssist is a Managed Lab Automation Tool that allows you to create, store and customize pathology lab reports for your patients. This user friendly interface not only helps patients look at their test reports in real time, but also allows doctors to attach their response based to the test results. The interactive UI allows lab managers to edit and create new reporting templates & the backend intelligent scripts reduce input error margins.
– Find a readymade suite of all standard pathological reports and customize templates with our user friendly back end interface.
– LabAssist has its own integrated accounting platforms for both patient dues & doctor payments.
– Pathology Test interpretations help in faster report generation with over 100 reports files in 30 mins
– Reduce Human error margins and highlight out range figures for rechecks and faster information digest
– Special Pathological calculations such as lipid profiles, prothrombin time are already pre configured into the system.
– Doctors and Patients can review and compare test results with the clinical history hence providing more effective consultation.

PGMediQuest – Your Crack to Post Graduate Medical Exams

Post Graduate Medical Exam success are a result of months of hard work by students who spend hours collecting information online and offline, however in most cases students fail to succeed this exam on account of the right guidance, study materials and test preparation. PGMediQuest aims at giving students the right balance of these components in an extremely digestible User Interface. With PGMediQuest:
– Students can avail all relevant and authentic course materials, planners and study guide to check their progress.
– Structured test series are available where students can solve practice questions, time their exams and performances.
– Students can participate in monitored discussion forums and also focus more on high yielding topics.
– Video lecture series, mock tests and interactions with the guest faculty also help guide students forward.