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Business Services

At Blue Pearl, we strive to deliver a complete solution set for all your business services. Our most popular picks include Microsoft CRM & Sales Force enabling & optimizing. Our E-commerce & Product Development Suites have also grown popular within our Clientele. Our confidence in delivering world class business services lies in the heart of our certified team of software gurus and business analysts backed up by a strategic methodology and innovative problem solving approach. Take your pick from our business service suite.

In Today’s extremely competitive world your business needs to voice out among the other thousands that are competing for Online attention. Making your website or blog rank on the top for Google SERP is a major highlight in this strategy. Search Engine Optimization holds the key in creating an everlasting impression at the top of Google Search. At Blue Pearl we start from the heart of your online presence, which is your website. We analyze the overall website structure for creatives, content & keyword theme densities on all your web pages. We also do a complete auditing of your backend technical SEO components, from page URL optimizations to image alt text. Our in house seasoned WordPress team ensures that you rank for your Search Terms on the top of Google.

Creating a mobile application focuses on giving shape to your app ideas while optimizing for usability & effective automation. We at Blue Pearl help our clients in creating effective mobile apps with a strong technology backbone blended with the component of end customer delight. Some of our recent works include:

Pathology LAB: This powerful mobile application allows pathologists to access Lab Tests & Report them on the Fly. Both patients & referring doctors can check reports in real time, where doctors can share their report analysis directly with the patients without any delay. This real time app also helps patients store and view their past test history.

Deals In Bars: This innovative mobile app will reduce your night out spends by 50-80%. The extreme user friendly interface helps users find out discounts and happy hours in their favorite pubs and bars. The interface makes it easy for users to avail these discounts by simply showing an SMS at the bar counter.

Testing and validation has become a top priority for optimizing business processes & applications, due to IT systems becoming more mission critical, customer facing and multi vendor integrated systems. We at Blue Pearl ensure that we cover all your application check points from requirement analysis, validating SRS, verifying test artifacts & also software development life cycle. Our Seasoned in house team looks into your complete process implementation & integration plan for all optimization opportunities. Some Highlights of our Testing Methodology includes: – Assessing and analyzing your business process blue print. – Generating a Test Plan based on your Business process attributes. – Executing Manual & Automated Testing cycles with service desk integration. – Test report analysis & custom reporting.

We focus on first understanding your business application’s purpose, its functionality & it’s contribution to your overall business model. We then strategize on the technology stack required to create the business application. The custom made application development process is carefully structured around the following:

  • Comprehensive Business Requirement Analysis
  • Preparing Design specifications
  • Creating an Initial design concept
  • Programming & Testing/Validation
  • Providing Client support (We Provide Training & Support Materials also)
  • Assisting Ongoing Development and Maintenance

Microsoft Dynamics being our stronghold, we help our Clients onboard to Microsoft CRM as well as customize their CRMs that align to business processes better. You can either choose Microsoft CRM Customization services or Incident Support based on your needs. Our Microsoft CRM Customization Suite includes: – Requirement analysis and design – Customization as per the business process – Defining workflows as per your business need – Advanced find and data migration – Plug-ins for external interfaces – Double Level Security at Field level and Form level – Front end validation with Java script – CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011 upgrades – Templates for Technical documentation, RTM, Test planning & execution and UAT support Our Microsoft CRM Incident Support Suite Includes : – CRM support by 100% offshore team – Affordable rates for monthly support – JIRA used for Incident Management – 3 level support structure for cost-effectiveness – Impact analysis and documentation – SLA management and adherence – Providing business process consultation – Support on data correction

Planning to Sell your Product Catalogue Online? The E-commerce model has proven to be the most effective across the globe. However creating an optimized product database that seamlessly integrates with your front end marketing offers & promotions while maintaining consistency with your backend Shipping & Payment Gateways can become a challenge. Our complete 360 Degree Ecommerce suite has enabled our clients to focus on innovation & business strategies, while we take care of all the heavy lifting & maintenance. Sounds interesting? Check out a top level view of our E-commerce Suite: – Layered application based on Microsoft ASP .NET 4.5 with MS SQL server as a database – Entity Framework (EF) for data access layer and ASP .NET MVC 4.0 for presentation layer – General Catalogue & Product Features – Marketing & Promotions – Shipping Options – Tax Features – Payment Methods & secure Gateways – Customer Service Features – Using plug-in architectures that allows you to extend functionalities & creates a flexible website

For Your business processes to run seamlessly, a major factor that kicks in is provisioning top level support and maintenance for your core level or 3rd line support activities. At Blue Pearl our experienced support experts are available 24×7 committed to your SLA. We handle all types of support tickets for your application as well as backend infrastructural issues. We also manage all types of technical issues & even help our clients set up support tasks for their various systems like CRMs, billing, inventory & other Ecommerce interface.

Building a product is bringing your ideas to life. Our product development lifecycle focuses on quick development & validation of ideas with agile iterations in place. We help you conceptualize the product idea, evaluate the best technology fit, and our in house certified Software Developers bring in years of experience in coding the best for your product! We don’t end here, prior the product launch we also run vigorous testing & validation modules ensuring your final product goes beyond your expectations. Our product strategy outlines around the following: – Understanding Your Product Idea – Creating Your Product Development Roadmap – Designing and Engineering Your Product Components – Integrating & Evaluating final product – Testing and Maintenance


Every business owner wants to devote his time to Core business strategic planning, resource and capital allocation. While you plan on executing your business objectives, our elite outsourcing division does the heavy lifting. You can now focus on your core business, while Blue Pearl takes over your secondary processes seamlessly integrating with your overall business. Our outsourcing suite includes a range of secondary business service.

It’s important for any business to focus and invest on competencies that contribute towards its core business activities. However secondary business processes which don’t really contribute to your core IP can eat away your precious human resources & investments. Most dynamically growing firms nowadays across the globe are outsourcing their business processes to partners like Blue Pearl. A large part of our clientele has outsourced numerous business processes starting from non voice BPO activities like bill management & payroll processing to even document conversions & technical writing. The main reason for this faith is Blue Pearl places quality of delivery over everything else. We focus on understanding in depth our Client’s business processes & how they contribute to the overall business strategy. We have also developed global recognition in Business Process Outsourcing by developing industry level experts who have streamlined these Business Processes to deliver maximum ROI to your core business. Sounds too good to be true? Give us a call.

A great attributor to success for any business function is its process efficiency. Every process during inception was structured keeping in mind minimizing operational friction & optimizing process outputs. However with the changing business goals & industry workarounds these processes would need periodic reviews implemented in an agile framework to keep them up to date with business goals & industry standards. We believe in the inspect & adapt agile methodology when it comes to any process optimization with dedicated regular scrums in place. Our seasoned process consultants bring all these to the table and more. Our proven strategies have helped Clients in: – Periodic process reviews & revamps at the right times – Optimizing processes for cost benefits & faster turnaround times – Creating more automated process components – Process goal setting & overall process efficiency

Business Projects can become a true success when they surpass their business goals & are executed within the given time & investment constraints with various other unpredictable obstacles. Our seasoned project managers have worked on multiple technology rich business projects for our clients which have surpassed expectations. Our experience in various software technologies ensure that your project managers have background knowledge in the software stacks that are at the heart of the project. We ensure that projects are completed within the stipulated time frames within the given constraints. We even consult our clients with their project structures & resources invested, so that projects are completed flawlessly keeping in mind that the business objectives are met.

A Business Process always needs optimization drives, where the technology stack, process components, human & machine components and even the strategic business objectives are re evaluated after certain time intervals, based on changing business & customer trends & requirements. Whether it be starting your processes from scratch or fine tuning them, our elite team of in-house certified Business Analysts dive deep into your business processes, investigating all silos through strategic documentation. Our Business Analysts ensure that these changes on the Technology & Process side improve your Organization’s overall performance & ROI.