Microsoft Technology

In this Mobile First & Cloud First era we understand the growing need of business houses to optimize their interactions with their end customers. Microsoft Dynamics, which has changed the way we interact with customers globally, has several interconnected components capturing & processing various sales & marketing data on the fly to bring clients closer to their customers.

To make sure Mircosoft Dynamics is implemented in an optimized way aligned to your various business processes and goals, Dynamics experts like Blue Pearl are required to structure, set up & optimize for your various marketing and sales channels. Our Seasoned MS Dynamics team expertise in all MS Dynamic components to create a tailor made CRM best fit for your business. Our Dynamics Suite completes an end to end structuring & tailoring of services like:

– Development services for Microsoft CRM Suite
– CRM Customizations based on your exact business requirements
– Data Mapping & Migration across various CRM Functionalities
– Support service for all Dynamics components
– Testing services for Microsoft CRM
– Integration Plug-ins & creating custom scripts for bulk operations
– Legacy System imports & upgrading to latest CRM features.

Open Source

Open Source Technology when implemented effectively can transform your technology stack. At Blue Pearl our Open Source professionals have worked closely with Tools and languages to create globally recognized projects within the project constraints. Some of our Open Source Highlights are as follows:

– CRM Software – We have developed complete end to end CRM Software using open source components that have automated core sales and marketing processes. We have helped clients with their web services oriented architecture to implementing open source CRMs like sugar CRM. We have also initiated Data mapping, data migration, ribbon customizations and development using workbench tools. We also help in securely cleaning bulk data and generate scripts for actionable MIS reports like lead conversions & marketing campaigns.

– PHP – PHP frameworks like Yii have been created to meet business application needs of enterprise sizes, yet giving you granular control to streamline your applications effectively. Our seasoned Tech team adept with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and more has helped our Clientele create business applications for various industries from the railways to the food industry.

– WordPress : Currently more than a 5th of all website globally are running on WordPress and the popularity of wordpress driven websites are increasing. The modularity of wordpress websites, both front end and back, freeing the marketer from hardcore coding and theme customizations is what makes WordPress so powerful. However seasoned experts on WordPress are required, who have an end to end knowledge about wordpress themes, who know which plugins fit where and who are familiar with custom scripts that really bring out the beauty of this web development platform. At Blue Pearl we help you structure your website based on your business goals, create your website end to end from plugins to custom scripts & even help you with custom modifications and features enhancements post release

Mobile Applications

In this Mobile & Cloud first era of information delivery, mobile technology has become a pivotal element. Custom built cross platform mobile applications are in the now, with businesses trying to bring their product and service value adds closer to the end user demands. At Blue Pearl we focus on our Clients end business goals and motives, and then work back to the mobile application core structure and functionality.

Our Mobile App Specialists have helped clients exceed their end customer demands, with apps that have automated lab testing for pharmacies to apps that give you discounts at bars and drinks. We work on IOS, Android and Windows applications bringing the power of the internet, multi touch & flexible features together. Our UI Specialists also focus on layering all the technology platforms under the best UI possible.