Blue Pearl’s seasoned professionals are a result of vigorous client projects across various industries blended with continuous internal training programs for different software technologies. Currently we are providing training in three flagship areas
College Projects house immense potential to train students and prepare them for their careers as professionals or business owners. However this can only happen with professional guidance from experts in the field. At Blue Pearl we understand the value of the nation’s young minds and help students by being their professional guides in ideating, structuring and executing various web development projects and applications.

Asp .NET, C#, MS SQL server

In this training session we will help you get started with Visual Studios with Debugging & Code testing modules. We then take a deeper dive into C# language, getting you familiar with OOP concepts, looping, Structs, Arrays, interfaces & more! We then turn towards developing ASP .Net basics through writing code and visual studio debugging. We then move towards giving you more control on the way you code with validations, data controls, web form fundamentals & rich controls. We then move towards deploying .NET apps using styles, themes and integrating with the SQL server. On the SQL server side we help you create and understand user profiles and finally help you create your own ASP .NET project with guidance from your expert .NET team.

PHP / WordPress and MySQL

PHP being one of the most important languages used in Web Development to create apps and interfaces, we give an end to end training in the basics of PHP and helps students in basic script writing and getting them familiar with the code, variables & data types. We then journey through the essential Super Globals, String manipulation functions and array creations in PHP to facilitate more efficient script writing. We then take our students into the data base related aspects like file uploads, sessions and cookies, following this we take a deeper dive into the MySQL Database working with PHP. Finally we look into the various mySQL Database components and query generation concepts and techniques like various command-line generations to query processing on tables within the database.

Agile using Scrum

Agile is currently the secret sauce behind the top global projects being delivered beyond customer expectations. In this innovative approach to look at dividing a project into tasks, and strategically defining workloads for optimized quality delivered within ambitious timelines, at Blue Pearl we give our students a proper working run trough of this methodology in detail. Within our Agile program students learn what it’s like to be a scrum master, the scrum team as well as the project manager with all their respective deliverables. Using Scrums following the Agile methodology students can prepare themselves for the top corporate culture being followed globally.